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I’ve mentioned before that my kids absolutely adore computer based programs. Probably to a fault. But that’s OK, as long as they’re learning, I’m good with it!
Last year, we found Funnix Reading, and fell in love with it. Our (then) 3 year old was chomping at the bit to begin school like the “big kids,” and Funnix answered that call. A few months later, Funnix Math came out, and it was absolutely perfect for rounding out our preschool schedule!

Funnix Math is designed as a thorough introduction to math. It is 100 lessons in length, and begins at the beginning—counting. By the time the child finishes the program, they will be able to count by 1’s to 100, and by 10’s to 100. It also covers addition (1+1=2), subtraction (2-1=1), algebra addition (1+[ ]=2), and algebra subtraction (2-[ ]=1). In addition, there are introductions into money, fractions, and place values for two digit numbers. It’s quite thorough.

You take Funnix Math a day at a time, starting at Lesson 1, and will take approximately 30 minutes per lesson to complete. Jumping around the lessons isn’t recommended, as skills are introduced to build upon each other. Each lesson consists of 6 or more parts and a worksheet. We’ve found the worksheet is something our son really enjoys, and looks forward to each lesson. The worksheets are available on the DVD in PDF file for printing, or you can opt to buy the workbook from the Funnix site.

The “teacher” in Funnix teaches the lesson. You, however, as a parent, must supervise, to ensure that your child is understanding what is being taught. We usually do our Funnix with my 4 year old on my lap, and the computer on his lap, with me working the mouse to click to the next lesson. Funnix requires touching and saying, as well as looking at the screen and listening, so it is a wonderful multi-sensory approach. It does NOT have manipulatives, however. If that is something you believe your child would benefit from, there are many great sets of math blocks out there.

Funnix is a wonderful introduction to math. If your kids love being on the computer as much as mine do, they should flourish with this program. It’s relatively inexpensive, with the DVD being only $32 as of March 1, 2012, and the optional workbook being only $10. Using Funnix as the foundation of your child’s math education career will give them a strong start. And, there is a free sample available, so that you are able to decide for yourself if Funnix is right for you! We absolutely recommend Funnix as a solid beginning math program!

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